Friday, January 22, 2010

Need a free $50?

I just got back from Rite Aid, and let me just say that if you have prescriptions that need to be filled, you might want to check this out.  There were two coupons in their Sunday ad.  Each one was for a free $25 gift card if you transfer a prescription to their pharmacy.  My little guy has plenty of prescriptions, so I took advantage of this deal. It was easy as pie.  I just walked in, told them I needed some prescriptions transferred, gave them some info, and came back to pick them up.  Now I have $50 in Rite Aid gift cards. Woohoo!  There is an added bonus in this deal.  They also gave me a coupon book that not only had a bunch of really good coupons, but it also had two more of the prescpription coupons in them.  They don't expire for another month, so it will give me plenty of time to transfer a few more.  I figure I can transfer them back to my preferred pharmacy later. 

There's also a printable Target coupon for a free $10 gift card on new or transferred prescriptions which can be found here: Target Prescription Coupon

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