Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why I Haven't Posted

It's because I'm addicted to the Words With Friends game on the ITouch. Thanks a lot to my friend Wendy for getting me hooked to that one.  It's just like Scrabble, and you can play against your friends through your internet connection.  You can play against random strangers too, but of course it's more fun to talk trash to your friends.  Unfortunately it's cut into my productivity on this blog.  Amazingly enough I've still managed to accomplish quite a few tasks around my house. 

I got the chance to use my coupon binder, and I must say that it definitely makes life easier.  I would recommend it to people starting out with couponing.  I still need to do my grocery ad matchups for the week.  So far I've noticed that there are some killer deals on Nyquil and Enchilada Sauce which could make for an interesting party ;)

I feel like I'm finally getting caught up on some projects.  I've been doing this thing where I tackle one closet, room, or cupboard every single day.  Even if it's only a little straightening it's been helping me to keep on top of things.  One of my goals for the weekend is to set up a cleaning schedule for my house.  I find that I'm much more disciplined when things are written down. 

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